Ramona Jingru Wang

This project is co-creative directed by Momoè Sadamatsu and me.
Taking a cue from Juergen Teller’s iconic “Go-Sees” series, “go see*” adopts the familiar ‘go-see’ format but weaves in a narrative that is both intimate and revelatory. “Go see*” is more than just a photo series—it’s a response to the fashion industry. Each ‘go-see’ acts as a poignant reminder of the richness of individual narratives that often get overshadowed by a singular, often misinformed, notion of “Asian-ness.” This project hopes to cast a fresh, discerning gaze on the Asian models of today, capturing not just their visages, but the depth, diversity, and resilience they embody in an industry that frequently oscillates between appreciation and appropriation.

Leah Kim Thompson, Dreamland Agency, 2023
Styled by Momoè Sadamatsu in @sandyliang & @tae___park
Make up by Emma Ando
Hair by Ubu