Ramona Jingru Wang

In Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring ︎ I weave a tapestry of imagery that transcends the physicality of our world, the life of Asian farmers as well as the two Asian-run farms Gentle Time Farm and Choy Division in upstate New York, venturing into a realm where identity, stewardship, and our bond with the earth are reimagined.

Through the lens, the daily cadence of these Asian-run farms becomes a metaphor for deeper truths. Here, the cultivation of land merges with the cultivation of self and heritage. Each farm, a canvas of cultural narratives, speaks of a connection with the earth that surpasses mere agricultural practice. They become living embodiments of heritage, where the act of farming transcends to an act of cultural and personal affirmation.

Stewardship in this series is envisioned as a dance of respect and harmony with nature. Each photograph is a stanza in a poem about balance and responsibility, where human touch on the land is a gentle, thoughtful presence. This portrayal is less about the physical acts of farming and more about the ethereal relationship we share with our environment.

At the core of my work is the exploration of our intricate bond with the earth, presented not as a straightforward relationship but as a complex, multifaceted dialogue. It's a relationship that is physical in sustenance, emotional in connection, and spiritual in the pursuit of deeper meanings. The farms are not just places of labor; they are stages where life’s intricate ballet unfolds, a symphony of interactions between humanity and nature.

This series is an exploration of the subtle yet profound ways in which nurturing the land mirrors nurturing our very beings, an ode to the intertwined destinies of humans and the earth.